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Truly an Olympian!!

September 1, 2008

The other day i came across this news while browsing the net that Michael Phelps, the American swimmer won 8 golds in beijing olympics.. Gosh!! thats more than the total no. of medals won by my country INDIA!! (considering that to be no big deal since it ranks way below the list.. even countries like Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan have done better.. no offense meant) So what does it take for an athlete to achieve that feat?? Here’s the list….


3 fried egg sandwiches, with cheese, tomatoes, lettuce, fried onions and mayonnaise

3 chocolate-chip pancakes

1 five-egg omelette

3 sugar-coated slices of French toast

1 bowl of grits (a maize-based porridge)

2 cups of coffee


1/2 kg (1 lbs) of enriched pasta

2 large ham and cheese sandwiches with mayonnaise on white bread

energy drinks


1/2 kg of pasta, perhaps with a carbonara sauce

1 large pizza

energy drinks

Statutory Warning: DON’T try this at home 😛

Well… as health experts like to claim – this diet would feed 5 average people :-p. No wonder that with one-third of world’s poor in India, it can never afford that kinda diet for an athlete!! Especially when that much food can feed more than 5 people here.. A properly fed voter is always better than 8 gold medals for our politicians.. And after all, India has won thrice the no. of medals it had won in Athens (bet how many countries show that kinda improvement!!). Also rather than investing so much money on a athlete for a gold (and these politicians vudnt even get a share of it) its better to invest in gold that would be 100 times the amount in that medal and they can also keep the whole of it!! Right Mr. Politician?

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