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Chrome Joins the Battle..

September 6, 2008

Recently, Google unveiled its browser Chrome launching itself finally into the browser war. After so many browsers already on the net, one starts thinking not another browser again!! With Apple also launching its Safari browser, the browser market seems to be getting populated day by day. But as said “The War Has Just Begun” – mainly for Microsoft. With the release of Firefox 3 and downoads already crossing 28,340,281 when last checked, its not too later before the throne will be seized from Microsoft.  Below are latest stats of the browser market after the release of Chrome.

                                It can be easily seen that Chrome captured 1.15% of the market within 2 days of its release. While some may argue that these stats are an indicator of curiosity, it certainly shows that Chrome has the potential to capture a sizeable share of the market in near future. However, now its in beta release (as most of the Google Products are 🙂 ) Lets take a look at what its got:

  • Very sleek and simple with no Menu Bar, Status Bar – gives more of view space for the user.
  • Popup windows “are scoped to the tab they came from” and will not appear outside the tab unless the user explicitly drags them out.[9] Popup windows do not run in their own process.
  • The Omnibox is the URL box at the top of each tab, based on the one in Opera. It includes autocomplete functionality but will only autocomplete URLs that were manually entered (rather than all links), search suggestions, top pages (previously visited), popular pages (unvisited) and text search over history. Search engines can also be captured by the browser when used via the native user interface by pressing Tab.
  • Its got an INCOGNITO mode, where cookies, browsing history will not be saved for that session. More prominently as i like to call it, PORN mode.
  • You can form an application shortcut for any webpage and run it directly from your desktop without repeating a long sequence of openin broswer, typin adress blah, blah…
  • A separate process is allocated to each tab or plugin.[citation needed] This prevents tasks from interfering with each other, which is good for both security and stability; an attacker successfully gaining access to one application does not gain access to all, and failure in one application results in a Sad Tab screen of death, similar to the well-known Sad Mac. 
  • On opening a new tab, you get an Opera sort of speed dial page where u can see the preview of web-sites recently accessed.

                           Some of the features may look promising but still it comes vid its down-side:

  • Well, this one i figured out, the browser isnt sensitive to scrolling upwards through mous-pad at all!!
  • Security issues still there.
  • The automatic file download feature that comes enabled by default in Google Chrome could be used by an attacker to easily trick a user into opening a malicious executable file.
  • A denial-of-service vulnerability has also been found that allows a malicious web page to crash the whole web browser.[43] Google Chrome developers confirmed the flaw, and it has already been fixed in the SVN repository

                            Stll, I would say its too early to comment; so lets see what Google’s got for us this time!!


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  1. September 12, 2008 7:29 pm

    Great post. Chrome is off to a roaring start.

    As people are finding, there’s more to Google’s strategy with Chrome than just another browser in the browser war.

    The opinion is growing that this is another piece of Google’s overall strategy, some of it which still remains hidden.

    If you’re interested, I’ve posted a large amount about Google Chrome at my site:

    Michael Adams

  2. February 9, 2009 6:29 am

    I was thrilled with google… for about three says. After I realized that there were a lot of restrictions and the inability to customize it, I jumped back on the firefox bandwagon. Was some of this from wikipedia? The citation needed and [43] threw me off a bit.

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