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November 19, 2008

I had initially started the topic just mentioning about Yahoo! closing down its Vista Messenger project. But bang came an article from Forbes, and well the result is this. After a lot of Googling (yes Jerry, GOOGLE-ing) I noticed that it just wasn’t Vista Messenger, but there have been many such projects which Yahoo had started with a lot of fanfare but now have been busted down to their knees!!

Well, here’s what I found out in the obituary list:

  • YAHOO! VISTA MESSENGER (of course)

This one looked promising with all its Rich User Interface and animations. But suddenly from beta testing, it went dead. In fact, hardly many people would have noticed the way Yahoo quietly pulled it down from its site. The reason cited was the development of a single coherent application for Windows platform. Guess it took Yahoo many months and loads of development and testing (dollars included!!) to realise this!!!


Again, a promising endeavour of Yahoo that allowed users to broadcast videos live. However, within a span of 9 months came another obituary on their blog telling the users that to maintain adding value to their company, they have decided to move on, yet again disappointing those fans which it had built up over these months.. I wonder if yahoo keeps on posting such obituaries, surely annoying their fans, that time wouldnt be far enough when the next obituary would be for itself..


Yahoo! Kickstart was a professional network created by Yahoo! for college students, recent graduates, employers and alumni. The aim of the service was to help students find internships or jobs, or solicit career development advice and mentorship. I guess the site in itself didn’t find any takers (lol)


The Yahoo Mash Notification

Another discontinued service by Yahoo.

Going by the no. of shutters that are going down, its hard to believe that this company once ruled the roost with its ideas. Unless yahoo really finds something substantial to provide to its users, it wouldnt be long when it might have to pull the shutter down on itself (Not an unimaginable scenario at all… ). The excitement of Yahoo! seems to have gone and all just remains is a tired grunt YAHU.

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