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Of Terror and Terrorists (1)

November 27, 2008

Mumbai, being the city i was born and brought up, it was really agonizing to see the way terror has striken it recently. Nearly 104 killed and 900 injured (at this point of time)!! There seems to be a full fledged war going on, only this time not on the frontline but at home backyard… The most horrible part is the way the terrorists have attacked the city – Rampant audacious indiscriminate gunfiring!! It seems to be GTA Vice City game brought into reality. Driving in a car and just shooting at any person they come across. Just have a look at the pic that was taken after rampant gunfire and the condition of Taj Hotel where they have taken hostages..


              The terrorists had probably entered the city via sea-route and Mumbai with its lax security fell prey ot them. After all the bomb blasts around the country and the city itself a year ago, no lesson learnt! The terrorists on the other hand seems to be having a time of their life! A particular unknown outfit DECCAN MUJAHIDEEN claims the responsibilty for it.. Here’s its message… 

“You should know that your acts are not at all left unnoticed; rather we are closely keeping an eye on you and just waiting for the right time to execute your bloodshed. We are aware of your recent raids at Ansarnagar, Mograpada in Andheri and the harassment and trouble you created there for the Muslims

You threatened to murder them and your mischief went to such an extent that you even dared to abuse and insult Maulana Mahmood-ul-Hasan Qasmi and even misbehaved with the Muslim women and children there.

“If this is the degree your arrogance has reached, and if you think that by these stunts you can scare us, then let the Indian Mujahideen warn all the people of Mumbai that whatever deadly attacks Mumbaikars will face in future, their responsibility would lie with the Mumbai ATS and their guardians – Vilasrao Deshmukh and R R Patil. You are already on our hit-list and this time very very seriously.”

The email obviously is a hoax one since no terror outfit has been identified as yet by the government. No logic can define the metality of these so called Jihads. At around 4.30 pm came the PMs address to the nation. Im sure a newsreader would have done a better job at addressing the nation. It lacked all emotions and looked like a puppets repeating master’s words. Does India need such a PM in terms of crisis? The Indian Government has been pretty lax about nation’s security. It always need an attack to get jolted from its sleep and back to hibernation again. A Central agency for dealing with terror still hasnt passed through the hands of kurta clad so called representatives of people.  One has to appreciate US for the way it has dealt with terror..

What does the future hold for this country? I pray to thee for this country My Lord, and so for me

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