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Of Terror and Terrorists (2)

November 29, 2008

The terror is finally over today taking as much as 195 lives and leaving more than 300 injured… Now the time has come to retrospect and take action. How can a city so big can be taken as hostage for 62 hours by a dozen terrorists aged between 18 and 28?? One has to see the confession of captured terrorist Ajmal Kasab to understand what doom they had planned for the city.. Plans to blow up Taj Hotel and aiming for 5000 deaths!! The audacity of these terrorists!!


Captured Terrorist

Face of Terror: Captured Terrorist Ajmal Kasab

One finds it hard to believe that this 21 year old terrorist gunned down one ATS chief, Additional police commisioner, and Encounter Specialist and fired indiscriminately at the CST taking down many lives. Even the NSG guards who tackled the situation are surprised at the tactical level of these terrorists and their knowledge of the topology of the hotel. Plus the massive amount of ammunition found (considering the terrorists had booked a room in Taj just for storing them) highlights that this attack was not a random one but a meticulously planned one. If one goes by the news channels, the terrorists were heavily drugged and asked to kill to death.

Clearly, one can see the ire of public all over the television with all the major newsreaders supporting them. Many questions are being asked, obviously finding their answers is difficult with politicians running for cover. All that one can see is condolence by these leaders of our country with speech of tough action. One can easily predict that they mustt be mourning not for the lives lost but for the votebanks that seems to have reduced. Raj Thackeray and his Gang of Baboons are nowhere to be seen. One request to these politiicans.. Will be please stop playing your blame game?? We citizens have had enough of this!! You cant blame Pakistan for the lax security in our country! Where are all those federal agencies and laws to fight terror? Why are the security forces under-equipped? The NSG didn’t have a plane of its own and inspite of being alerted at 1 a.m. finally reached at 5 a.m. Im sure the plane alotted to them must have been captured by some politician of our own keen on going for a world tour. Why had the mumbai police officers come with lathis when being warned of a terror attack? Why didnt they have proper bullet-proof jackets? Why were the top officers fighting an AK47 with service pistols? Why wasn’t the security tight at the coast? It should be of the same magnitude as present at our border after all intrusion can take place there also.. Do we have to sacrifice lives all the time for these politicians to wake up and when they do, they start playing their blame game until the matter rests to peace and they themselves go back to their politics..

If this isnt a wake up call for these politicians then nothing else can be. Its time for the security of this country and its citizens to go for major upheaval. All the influential people and common ones alike should come together and bring a revolution that echoes far into the minds of politicians and terrorists alike!

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  1. December 30, 2008 8:59 am

    Tk41NQ Thanks for good post

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