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Who wants to be a Nobel Peace Prize Winner 2008?

December 3, 2008

Nobel Peace Prize Winner?? Wait a minute.. Wasn’t it Martti Ahitsaari from Finland?? Yeah, Yeah.. Thats what even I have heard. But c’mon mistakes do happen don’t they? After all, to err is human. I don’t blame the Nobel Committee for missing out on the most suitable contenders for the title. Their work towards peace needs a subtle understanding and so its very likely possible to miss out on them. Wanna know who the contenders are? Here’s the compiled list 😉



A true Warrior For Peace.

Musharraf: A true Warrior For Peace.


Any Nomination for peace-keeping would be incomplete without the mention of Gen. Musharraf, after all he has played a major part in peace in South-East Asia. So upset was Musharraf with Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif’s policies in peace-keeping that he decided to ouster the government and take the sole responsibility himself. Oh.. What a great man!! Ever since then, there has been no turning back. He has proved himself to be the greatest proponent of democracy. He strongly condemns terrorism and hence has provided shelter in his country to many other great stalwarts of peace – Dawood Ibrahim, and many LeT missionaries, being the prominent among them. Oh and did I forget? He surely knows how to reciprocate a peace gesture made by India in 1999 by sending an entire army with flowers and sweets in Kargil to show how grateful was he.. In 2007, Musharraf decided it was time for greater involvement if he wants to achieve his nobel goal. He declared an emergency in his country addressing the citizens how imperative it was to keep peace in the country and emphatetic with the hard work of the judges of Supreme Court gave them food, clothing and shelter.

Emergency is the only way for me to remain president for life” – Musharraf.



Enforcing communal harmony

Raj Thackeray: Enforcing communal harmony

Ahem, Ahem… This one did require quite some thought. Does he fulfil all criteria? To what extent has his work affected the lives of people?

This Marathi Manoos from Mumbai definitely fulfils it all. After all, he is his generation’s best representative. Being a leader of MNS party (MAHARASHTRIANS in love with NORTH INDIANS SENA), his party workers constantly keep stock of sweets and garlands and sticks. As soon as they see any citizen of Mumbai hailing from Northern region of Mumbai, they greet him with all the goodies and express how gratified they are for that person to have chosen Mumbai of all places to live in. Raj and his followers constantly rally for employment opportunities for these communities.

“Take my job or for that matter, any Maharashtrian’s job. But please provide them with jobs.” This is what Raj Thackeray had to say in a interview. 

His peace-keeping efforts have been nationally recognized and owing to death threats from terrorists, has been kept under judicial custody. Infact, he didn’t even think twice and fought a brave battle along with his followers against the terrorists who took Mumbai for hostage, gunning 4 of them down.

Is his work recognized? Ofcourse! Politicians all across the country applaud this young leader’s efforts toward peace-keeping and especially Lalu Prasad Yadav who has been the foremost one in recommending his name for Nobel. 


Our very own Dubya Man

Bush: Our very own Dubya Man


How can we forget you Bush?? Infact, if there is any contender closest to the title its him! His stint with the Nobel Peace prize is not new though. Nominated once in 2002, he just missed it despite Bush and Cheney’s admission that “they tried their damnedest to hijack the vote”. “We even tried to get my brother Jeb on the Nobel team of trustees, but they didn’t go for it”  was what Bush had to say then.

Fast Forward 2008. Life seems to have come a full circle. His most notable work has been his peace-keeping efforts in Iraq. Saving the entire world from Saddam Hussein’s Weapons of Mass Destruction which later Saddam made them disappear the moment U.S. Army invaded Iraq, he projected himself as a true champion of peace. Moreover, upkeep of peace institutions like Abu Gharib and Guantanamo where miscreants are continuously taught principles of harmony has been a feather in the cap of our Dubya Man. He has always placed his trust in Pakistan, and together both have eliminated global terror. 

Emergency in Pakistan? Rule for Life? Hmmmm…” – George W Bush.


Fighting for peace and justive

Mugabe: Fighting for peace and justive

Here’s our final contender.

Robert Mugabe – President Of Zimbabwe.

I am really inspired by Stone Age. It had peace. There wasnt any value of money. People didnt have to work since there weren’t any jobs. My work has always been focused towards replicating that era”  said Mugabe in a recent interview. 

His determination can be clearly seen considering that money hasnt got any value at all in Zimbabwe. He is also against racism. “I hate racism. Either it has to be all whites or all blacks. So i chose the latter” was quoted by him in the same interview. He has been an active supporter of Homo-sexuality citing it as the major cause for AIDS. He has helped in building a world without hunger with majority of his country’s population now depending on imports. Also, he is strictly against dirt and in major programme run by him, he managed to evacuate some 10,000 pests and insects. Inspite of his hard work towards he remains pretty humble and has abstained from ownership of any property.

People, this is Robert Mugabe for you. An angel of peace and prosperity.

So friends, these are the contenders I propose for the Nobel Peace Prize (may Nobel’s soul rest in peace), though any other contenders are welcome!!

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  1. December 3, 2008 2:52 pm

    I’m am also looking forward to Nobel Peace Prize winner Muhammad Yunus’s book, Creating a World Without Poverty. Job

  2. Neha permalink
    December 4, 2008 12:44 am

    Marathi Manoos – A parasite on Indian Society

    Don’t blame Pakistan or the terrorist. They had the courage and pride to inflict damage to a country they believe is there enemy. We have to blame so called Indians like the Thackeray’s and the people who follow them (Marathi Manoos) who are making our society weak. These people unlike the rest of India have never had to struggle and have lived off the wealth created by outsiders. They have negligible contribution towards the growth of Mumbai which was created by outsiders who believed in national pride, hope, hard work and continuous struggle for progress. Mumbai was created by British, Gujaratis, Marwadis, Parsis and companies like TATA’s whose wealth came from their flagship company “Tata Steel” in Bihar. In fact most of these people don’t know or care about Indian History, have never stepped outside Maharastra and are not aware that Mumbai wasn’t even a part of Maharashtra. It was part of Gujarat before and the population of marathis in Mumbai was negligible before independence (

    Lack of enterprise, ethics, courage and hard work has resulted in a society which demonstrates incompetence in every area and has the potential to adversely effect the Nations growth and prosperity. Some of these examples amply demonstrate this:-

    1.) WEAK & CORRUPT POLICE:- 14 maharastrian policeman died without killing a single terrorist !!! This is because it is more of political force then a law enforcer. Why do they have fancy names likes ATS when they can’t protect themselves, leave alone protecting others, thier jeeps get hijacked by terrorist!! In fact at CST when a brave photographer (Anil Singh – who shot the photographs of the terrorists) informed armed policemen about the terrorists , they ran away. Inspite of all this we make these people National heroes and people like Sharmila the wife of Raj Thackeray sends SMSs glamorizing the non existent contribution of marathis in saving the city by stating that all policemen killed in Mumbai were Marathis.
    2) WEAK & CORRUPT POLITICIANS:- Pratibha patil – our president Mrs. Pratibha Patil – the cosmetic head of state? So much has happened. Mumbai and India was attacked and at war and Mrs. Patil was not to be seen anywhere? Why? Shivraj Patil – The worst home minister ever seen , he was more bothered about his dressing then the terrorist attacks on India. RR Patil – Mr Patil spoke and behaved as if he was featuring in a pulp Bollywood movie, during the 60-hour-long terror attack and its aftermath, with irresponsible sound-bytes serving as dialogues,” Clown, what happened to your statement “goli ka jawab goli se doongi”? Vilasrao Deshmukh , and the list goes on
    3) LACK OF ENTERPRISE:- Inspite of all the opputunities available you sont have a single Industralist from the state who has been able to create jobs at a mass level. There are many parts in Maharastra where shop keepers close from 12 noon to 4 in the evening and treat customers as if they are doing a favour by selling to them, when outsiders are more successful in competing with these incapable people they are beaten up. In most organisations in Maharastra the most incompetent people are generally the Marathi Manoos who were hired because they were easily available and are able to retain there jobs because of the support from local politicians.

    This is not a simple problem. A weak society influenced by paranoid cowards, completely detached from reality, confused and megalomaniacs like Raj Thackeray has the potential to completely destroy the country to take india to fragmented pre-1947 india , which was a period of intense repression from foreign forces where we saw large scale genocides, large scale destruction of hindu temples and blatant conversion of temples into mosques.

  3. Ankit Agrawal permalink
    December 4, 2008 11:06 am

    I think its a bit too harsh on Maharashtrians and policemen.. The system is stagnated no doubt.. But just look at from their point of view.. They hardly get enough salary to feed themselves and their family.. They are the sole bread winners for their family, and if they die then the system would leave their families to starve…
    Besides, where have they got enough resources to fight terrorists?? They are so under-equipped.. Just look at the top cops; they were fighting AK 47s with service pistols!!
    Coming to Raj Thackeray, yeah hes a big jerk.. Try to capitalize on Marathi Manoos is really nerve wrecking.. I repeat myself where were all these people when others were fighting??
    Its truly heart wrenching to see how things are going after the attacks.. One things for sure, even if we are nuked, we cant expect a better reaction 😦

  4. Ruchita permalink
    December 4, 2008 2:16 pm

    Well the problem doesn’t lie with Raj Thackeray. The problem lies with the people. Why do they need a character like Raj Thackeray to say that “MUMBAI KISI KE BAAP KI NAHI HAI”. Move around and talk to the marathi people you ll see most of the marathi manoos themselves hate Raj Thackeray.
    Talking about the terror that Mumbai faced, actually shows the nudity of our so called politicians and unpreparedness of the system to fight with terrorists.
    Can you beat this – the terrorists knew the Taj In and Out and our men had to struggle to even know what Taj looks like?
    Then we have our dear CM Vilasrao Deshmukh visiting Taj with RamGopal Verma…..
    We vote with our consciouses and in return what we get is TERRORISM. Then whom should we VOTE???

    No political party, No leader, No armymen can give us the assurance that we people can sleep safely in night , go out with our family.

    Elections are round the corner…and now all we will see the mockery of our politicians playing blame games and throwing tantrums to each other.

    Why do we always search for a person who will talk for us??
    and if we need that person then where is he???
    is HE God? there will be no Mahatma Gandhi for us now…..


  5. December 12, 2008 1:12 pm

    Nice post.

    Want to check out a few speeches that these could make (or I hope would make)…

  6. April 22, 2009 12:23 pm

    If you want to hear a reader’s feedback 🙂 , I rate this article for four from five. Detailed info, but I have to go to that damn yahoo to find the missed parts. Thanks, anyway!


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