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Year 2008? – Good Riddance!!

January 3, 2009

“Every New Year is a direct descendant of a long line of proven criminals” –  Ogden Nash (1902-1971), American poet

How true one would consider this quote to be considering how the previous year passed by.  I wouldn’t be exaggerating if I term the year as the MOTHER OF ALL TRAGEDIES!. Was there anything left in the list of tragedies  that didn’t happen in 2008? Mmm.. lemme think..


It remains the grand DADDY of all tragedies that happened last year. It resulted in mass unemployment in most of the count

ries, big banks going bankrupt, car companies running out of gas, nations getting burdened by inflation, bulls turning bearish, realty rates tumbling like a pack of cards and millionaire CEOs accepting wages which pretty much puts them below the poverty line (wage-wise of course)!

 Natural Disasters

Mother Earth hath no fury spared on her children!  She rampaged the earth with all madness that any mother would to a child who has treated her like garbage(read global warming). Cyclone Nargis, Bihar floods, China earthquakes, Hurricane Gustav, other landslides, flash floods, tropical storms, you name it, we got it. 


I’m sure, putting war into the caegory of tragedies would be vehemently objected by George Bush, but what else can be said other than pity the old guy; he himself had his own  shoe err.. share of tragedies. The long continuing Iraq war, the Afghanisthan war,  Israel war made sure that war had its own quota wrestled in the 2008.


Our very own faithful tragedy. This is something that has made sure that no year ever goes boring. In fact, it would be quite a surprise if any year goes by peacefully. Be it suicide bombings, hostage situations, infiltrations, terrorism was at its zenith.


A sensational comback indeed! The pirates of Somalia made sure that piracy be not left out from tragedies. Pirates have infact been demanding to provide reservation in the tragedies scenario so they can have their fair share. They have shown how piracy is a lucrative business and people have been wrong in ignoring it.


When so many events making headlines in the year, why should politicians be left behind? From US Senatior Rob Blagojevich, to our own Left party in India, scandals sure rocked the nations.


                                     In terms of a movie-goer, I would rather say year 2008 was quite action packed! Other than the electrifying news (on a positive note) of Barack Obama making history and Olympics underlining the proverbial opportunity in situations of adversity, good news was hard to come by. No wonder, on the eve on New Year, the world rejoiced not as much as for the new year and what belies in the future but for the year that had thankfully passed.  When the clock struck 12, people could be heard saying Good Riddance 2008 rather that Welcome 2009!

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  1. January 12, 2009 8:46 pm

    I am gonna tell you something. The high point of 2008 was that at some point of time we had a bright market with the sensex reaching 21000.

    2009 seems to be the worse. We have hope in Obama, but not very sure as to what a lone man can do in such hard times.

    If I am wrong, consider yourself lucky.

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